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David Alton Crayon/Multi-media


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Andrea T. Alto Watercolors/Oils



David Alton Crayon/Multi-media





Patricia Barnes Watercolors



 R. Thomas Boyd  Multi-media



   Kurt Kamholz    Multi-media


Under Construction

   Kenneth Kelley    Multi-media



     Donna lewis         Multi-media


Andrew S. Peters Watercolorist/Multimedia



Alicia R. Sobieszczyk Painter/Multi-media 


Haileyrose Thoma Painter/Multi-media



  Pam Walsh     Watercolors


  Michael Zasadny     Multi-media 


A special note for Artists:

    You my friends are the life's blood of this community and creators of it's content. As an impactful outlet it's obvious. However, this is in the end for "us", You know what I mean, I'd bet. I've created a place where we can not only, elevate our prosperity, but also share & learn the many years of hard earned networks, knowledge, techniques and unnumbered other gifts we as Artists, have contributed to the world. This is where we rise together! Please become an Associate. We have a Basic "free membership" initial  page that allows you to be included in Boyd's galleries, share your contact information, show some of your art, as well as add info about you & your art. With the "Community Membership" You receive more spaces to display your art, you can join and implement our industry discussions.. I'll be asking everyone to contribute and get involved with the discussion. Need to know something? We are there to share.

I'm so looking forward to your submissions!... Tom

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