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About Pamala A. Walsh & her art

Pam's appreciation of nature's vibrant colors is expressed in her floral watercolor paintings. Through studies in graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Pam adapted to the flow of this medium, studying with other local artists. Her subject material is often a reflection of regional landscape, her frequent travels or a representation of her own yard and garden.

For the past 15 years, Pam has presented her watercolor work in dozens of outdoor art shows across northern Illinois and numerous private home shows. It is in this environment that her works drawn from their origins taking on life over cold pressed paper. Her watercolor technique is a demonstration of control in this flowing medium.

As the days shorten and the memories of the last outdoor art fair fade away, Pam focuses on commissioned and water color works. Her artistic flair is also seen in pen and ink works. At the request of a friend, Pam began rendering fond remembrances of the family's first home in pen and ink, using available photographs to create a matted or framed one of a kind keepsake to be treasured by all

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Pamela A. Walsh

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